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 Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

The terms Consultants, Contractors, Buyers , Applicants, Council Officers, Trades Persons, Clients are all references to users of this site.

The use of this site by anyone of the above mentioned persons constitutes acceptance of all of the terms and legal requirements of this site including fair and reasonable dealings and acceptable trade practices . has been established to offer a whole range of consultancy and contracting services in the consultancy and  particularly the construction industry and increase the  means of accessing suitable  employment opportunities as self employed consultants/contractors in any part of the world. The service is offered to assist as many people and users of the site as possible and any users of the site found to be taking a commercial self interest advantage will be excluded from further access to the information provided.

It must be understood by all users of this site that all information displayed and posted provided has not been researched or verified by

All users are required to verify all information prior to acceptance and further action does not take any responsibility for false,misleading or inaccurate information provided by any user of the site.

No Copyright information, Registered Design or Trade Marks or any material affecting Intellectual Property Rights  are to be advertised on this site.

It is prohibited from cross referencing or colluding with other parties within the web site. Any attempt to communicate with other consultants/users of the site to avoid paying commissions or in any way effect the fairness of the operations of the web site will be disqualified from further participation on the site.

All communication must be done via the Message Board.

No one is permitted to post their personal contact information such as email address or phone number etc

We take the business approach of being  fair and reasonable in all our dealings and we expect this to be adhered to throughout the entire bidding/quoting process. cannot take responsibility for bidding consultants profiles, skills and reliability and quality  of services provided. Buyers are advised to  "enter at own risk" and are required to verify all information provided to them by consultants/bidders  prior to taking any further action. does not accept any liability for any material posted on the web site.

In the rare instance where disputes occur between consultants and buyers or consultants and consultants or any other user combination  it must be acknowledged by all users that will not be in any way required or under any obligation to become involved in the actual dispute or any aspect of its resolution.

Users are not permitted to advertise their services in any manner apart from that as allowed and provided for, within the site.

All users including buyers and  consultants must accept and acknowledge  that is released from any claims, court action, damages of any nature pertaining to any disputes arising from or not arising from the use of this web site.

(Council Applications in progress - We recommend that all  bidders contact the Applicant prior to any bidding on any Development Application listed as a project on this web site. We point out that  Council Officers are also available for contact in relation to queries regarding applicants and Development Applications lodged.)

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions


Question: We are a large building design Consultancy firm located in Brisbane, Australia and we would like to bid for a residential project in London. How do we do it? Step by step?

Answer: The first step is to create a free account for your company. Click on the "sign up" link on our home page or visit and make sure you select user type: Consultant when signing up.

Once you have an account a "Bid Now" icon will appear next to all projects details. Click on this button and you will be asked to provide a bid price and comment and will be given the option of being notified if someone bids lower than you.

If your bid is successful the Client will be charged a small fee equivalent to approximately 5% of the bid fee.

Once the bidding for a project closes, or if the Client sees a bid they like, they choose the bidder and the project is frozen. It is now up to the Consultant to accept or reject the project. If you choose to accept, the Client will be charged a small amount which will be deducted from his Plansforcouncil account. From this point onwards you communicate directly with your new customer. We just ask that you rate them once the project is complete and you have been paid. This step is very important as it takes away the risk of dispute or fraud.

Don't forget that Clients can upload document files to 20MB on Posting a Project and up to 10MB on the Message Board.

Question: I am an Architect and would like to place a quote or bid on a project located in Wales UK. What do I do? Also I think I need additional information to accurately put in a price.

Answer: You begin by creating an account on the web site making sure you select the user type of Consultant. Once your account is set up you will see a "Bid Now" icon as part of each project's details. If you are not ready to make a bid and need more information you can post a question to the project message board, but look through the existing posts first as your question may already have been answered.

Once you have made a bid you will have the option of being notified every time somebody bids lower than you so that you can update your bid. If your bid is chosen by the Client you will have the option of accepting or rejecting the job. Accepting the job carries a small fee payable by the Client.

Question: We would like to build an extension on our existing home in New Zealand and would like to get some quotes from a range of Architects and various other Consultants in Australia only. Can we be selective in our bidding request? And how do we place the bid.

Answer: When posting a project you will be asked to provide some project details. You can specify here that you are only interested in bids from a specific location. When you review the resulting bids you can check the location and profile of each bidder and make sure that they meet your requirements. Don't forget that Clients can upload document files to 10MB on the Message Board.

Question: We are a firm of consultants and we do not understand how the payment system operates. How do we pay if our bid wins the project? Also, how do we find out if our bid does win the project. Who tells us?

Answer: Every time you make a bid, your bid is bettered by another consultant. If your bid is accepted or refused you receive an automated email with instructions on how to proceed. If your bid is successful you will have the option of finally accepting or rejecting the job. If you choose to accept the Client will be charged a small fee which is deducted from his account. The Client can add or replenish funds to his account by using a credit card or the Pay Pal account.

Question: I am an Acoustic Consultant and I only do projects by the hourly rate. How can I make a bid. ?

Answer: You can't bid at an hourly rate. You can however put in a contract sum for the whole job. If you need more information about the project, post some questions on the projects message board.

Question: We are looking to obtain prices for an Engineer to prepare computations on a current design in order to safely demolish and re-built on our site. Do we pay a fee to place a notice for bids?

Answer: No, posting a project is completely free and there is only a small fee payable by the client on acceptance of a winning bid. The Consultant pays no fees. Don't forget that Clients can upload document files to 10MB on the Message Board.


Question: I am a self employed Building Designer. If I win a bid and pay the subsequent fee for accepting the job, what guarantee do I have that the Client won't back out.

Answer: We operate a tried and tested user rating program which has successfully been used over the past 10 years in auction systems like e-bay. Each time anybody does business on our web site they are rated by the other party. Users with a bad rating quickly stop getting business and disappear from the website altogether.


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