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Posted on April 6, 2021


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Message from the Admin team:

Some random thoughts and ideas about what we are doing right now. :

We have a lot of young incredibly talented guys on this site and we feel the following notes may be incredibly beneficial to your future careers. We aim to promote your ideas and projects to the best of our ability. We have hundreds and possibly thousands of daily visits to this site and as such we welcome everybody to post up any projects or ideas that you would like to be developed or freely promoted. New projects or ideas could include a new design for any of the following: New petrol service station design; New automobile design; New style of packaging etc.. Anything… Just do it now…there is nothing to loose. As a starting point, go through the list of industries and look at how various items can be improved upon. Write them down , sketch them out. Move on if at that particular time, nothing eventuates. Keep working on new ideas and designs and don’t stop . Use surrounding consultants listed on this site , they are all there eager and waiting to assist. Don’t get stuck in any one particular business or industry. Investigate various industries and see how aspects of that industry can be improved upon. Sketch out or write down your thoughts: Eg, Construction industry: Construction systems; Working at heights ; Safety issues …and so on Entertainment industry: Staging facilities; Lighting etc Automobile industry and so on… Safety issues.. Energy saving devices.. Google all of the various industry types and related businesses and get to work analysing each, looking for deficiencies and ways to improve upon wherever possible and commence documenting:::: Aerospace Industry. Transport Industry. Computer Industry. Telecommunication industry. Agriculture industry. Construction Industry. Education Industry. Pharmaceutical Industry Music industry And so on… Be inspired…by others …look at what some people have done with minimal beginnings… Nothing is going to stand in your way… Never be deterred by others and there will be others who will try to deter you…. Don’t reinvent the wheel… Everything we do and produce is to be of the highest calibre and done with the greatest integrity.

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Film making , UTube

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